About me

So, who am i?

Im Nyno, just another blue Wolf.

Blink :3
Current proffesion and education:

Im an Linux system engineer. I work for an IT-Service Provider that is specialised on Linux
We support companys with their IT and try to give customers a little alternative to Windows.
So we try to work with Linux as good as possible. (Yes, also our client pc's)
I finished all the normal 9 years of swiss school.
Skills in IT (Just basic stuff):

So what do you do in your free time?

Playing games or chill on Teamspeak / Discord (OR WHAT EVER, BUT TS RULEZ).
If im not doing this, im playing Airsoft, Reading Mangas or watching Animes. Im also verry intressted in IT at home!

What do you like?

Stuff i like are things like military equipment, sunsets, sunrises, cuddling, it hardware ...

What Series do you like?

The Walking Dead, Better call Saul and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

What about a suit?

I am a huge fan of the suits from ruffleddesigns and k-line. Im not really sure about the question if i want one, even tho it would be really cool. It would be more like a ruffleddesigns suite or one from my girlfriend for first (she has done some Suits by herselfe for others)

So you do play video games..?

Yes, my all-time fav's are:

  • battlefield (3 & 4)
  • mass effect (1-3)
  • Star Ciziten

Currently not finished